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  3. d-june-y:

    Well, why not? I have always wanted to draw Eren.

    At the last moment I figured out that he has blue eyes, I changed it in time! xd

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    Jul 22 11:23AM
  4. disarms:

    buying a pink switchblade so i can knife all the dumb bitches in style

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    Jul 22 1:24AM
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  6. emswalkabout:

    fun fact: Ymir is the author of the book


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  7. d-june-y:

    it’s first time when i have drawn something like that.



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  8. emswalkabout:

    Marco smiles no matter the situation

    ((notice the terrible handwriting haha I’m so sorry))


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  9. viella-art:

    AU where Marco is a foreign exchange student who is a bit too naive, Sasha is a little shit and Jean ends up engraving Lil Marco into his wedding ring!

    Based on this post


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  10. backdoor-drawma-bomb:

    "New Marco obsession" sketch dump


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